No Fuss Table setting

The Holiday season is starting! One week away! Time to panic! Just kidding…. No panicking, no worries. I got you covered for an easy, fast, table setting. I will not be hosting any of the holidays at our home, but I will have dinner parties and gathering of friends threw out the season. A long time ago we cleared and minimized our home. There is no need to have too much of anything. One of the first things to go was all different mixed matched dishes. I donated and gave away dishes that I never used or served no purpose for everyday life. We purchased all white square plates in two different sizes that we use everyday. My mother gave me all white plates with gold rim that we use for special occasions and gatherings. No need to purchase new plates and dishes for every holiday, keep it simple and minimal. all our serving dishes and platters are white which make for perfect food styling any occasion. I decorated our whole table with items I had around our kitchen and home. The only thing I bought was the Eucalyptus greenery on the table.I purchase my eucalyptus plants at trader Joe’s because honey they are only $2.99.Can’t go wrong with that and fresh flowers and greenery always add a fresh look.

The little white pumpkins were laying around the house,so added them for a “thanksgiving look”. The napkins were from last year and had a few hanging around house. the gold, grey, black chevron added some color to the all white plates. How cute are our gold polka dot glasses? got them from Tjmaxx & Homegoods.

part of our wedding gifts were those crate and barrel wood place mats, we only got4 and couldn’t find them again at crate and barrel so bought 2 place mats from Ikea with a similar style to combined with the existing crate and barrel wood ones. do you see my cute little two tier plates? well those have been in our bedroom, in our living room and now I’m using it as a table centerpiece. I love items that have multiple use.img_3920

Here’s my simple minimal table setting good enough for any occasion or gathering. What y’all think?

Let me know in the comment section!



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