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Today I will be sharing my experience with the Gillette razor Swirl.  A few weeks ago I received the Gillette Swirl razor complimentary in my  Influenster box for testing purposes. The Venus Swirl couldn’t have come at a better time. I have a teenage daughter and recently we had discussed that this Spring I would be teaching her how to shave her legs. She will be starting High School this fall and I wanted her to be ready and able to do it herself by then. So it was truly perfect timing. The Gillette Swirl promises to give you a smooth shave, it also includes a flexi ball for those tricky areas.


I tried the Gillette Swirl first and can I just tell you that it is truly amazing! I usually get ingrown hairs when I shave, but with the Swirl I got smooth perfectly shaved legs. no BUMPS, no IRRITATIONS. The Venus Swirl cartridge also has a water-activited Moisture Glide serum which gives you even more smooth incredible glide during your shaving experience. My legs were super soft and super moisturized. After my amazing experience it was time for my daughter to try her first shave. The water- activated Moisture was a great help for her, we didn’t have to add a lot of shaving cream and she felt comfortable and not scared to shave. We both have used it twice since getting it and It’s the best shave I’ve had in years! It was great to share this experience with my daughter. Our legs are smooth, perfectly shaved and looking amazing. We are ready to show off our legs this Spring and Summer.  I highly recommend this product!


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