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Today’s post is all about Inspirations and what Inspires me. I always say in my home posts that my home is my serenity, because It is decorated in a way where it represents me, my family, my style and vibe. I love simplicity, openness, and minimalism.I also need to always have fresh flowers and candles. I usually get Lavender scented candles because the smell just makes me happy and it gives a feeling of freshness. Another way that I’m inspired is by having Inspirational boards on Pinterest. I have boards for all things I love. I always search Pinterest for inspirations for our home, and lifestyle. Recently I wanted to have a visual board, that I could stare at everyday without having to go online.  I went on pinterest and printed my favorite pictures & quotes. I cut and pasted the pictures to black construction paper, for a more custom look. At the end I had a beautiful inspirational board for endless days of inspirations.  From Home goals to motivational quotes My board represents me in every way.

What are things you must have at home for inspiration?

Surround yourself with the things you love. discard the rest.




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Welcome! I'm Shirley a Mom & Wife. Who Emphasizes a life of passion through personal style, Travel. Decor & Life's simple pleasures.

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