Easter table decor

Easter has come and gone, but today I’m sharing a little table decor I did at my mother’s home. We had a small gathering with family and friends. Like I said in yesterday’s post I love my Tribe. They are my happiness, I love the relationship i have with the people that are in my circle. Our friends are our family and we celebrate holiday’s together all the time. To have friends that I’ve know all my life and now see our babies play together and share holiday’s together is truly a blessing. I picked my tribe and I love them hard. I feel truly blessed in that aspect of my life.

I put together a simple colorful table filled with goodies for our kids to indulge. Here’s a peak into my Easter table decor.


For inquiries on anything in these photos, please email me at simpleblissblog@outlook.com


My Tribe


It’s always about the people. If you are with the right people everything will be that much memorable. So do yourself a favor and find these people; and immerse yourself in them.




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