Blissful changes

I no longer dread the weekend ending, I no longer have a case of the Monday’s and why is that? because I decided to pursue my passion, go after what my heart desires, Follow my Bliss. Let me reface that, I’ve been following my dreams but in a part time basis. I was taking Interior design classes for two years already but was doing it part time and very very slowly. As a mother of three, a wife and was a working mom, my passion had to be pursued very minimal. I don’t like to share much until I’m were I want to be, I don’t like to speak ahead. ” Work in silence and let your success be your noise” That quote is my golden rule. I’m so excited for what’s to come and how far I’ve gotten in my dreams. It’s better to work slow then run ahead before you are ready. Whatever you want to do baby steps will surely get you there. It’s no race, it’s no competition, it’s your life and you will get there when the time is right. I have a background in Education and at one point I thought I would go back to school and work more in the field. But after speaking to friends and family everyone agreed that Interior Design is my gift and my true passion and that’s where I should stay. Two years down and two more to go on the Interior Design dream! BA here I come. On behalf of all the changes going on I made a big change to my appearance. I am now a brunette and I’m loving the new look!

What you seek is seeking you..






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Welcome! I'm Shirley a Mom & Wife. Who Emphasizes a life of passion through personal style, Travel. Decor & Life's simple pleasures.

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