Deck the Halls….

Happy Monday darlings! A couple weeks ago I received a DM message on Instagram from a sweet lady named Angela. Angela owns a cute Etsy shop named “paperlovesong”. Angela wanted me to do a feature with two of her prints. Once I started searching her shop, I was in instant love with her quotes and pictures. I decided that a feature was definitely a must do. I picked a super cute Christmas print” Deck the halls” and I also chose to pick one of my favorite wording “I have found the whom my soul loves” That print means so much to me and my family, because that is exactly how I feel about my husband, my children, my life. My soul is just blessed and having that print hanging in our home makes me smile. I recently started to redo my gallery wall in our living room and the song of Solomon 3:4 fits perfectly. The deck the halls print was added to our dinning area with a simple holiday Silhouette. If you are looking to add a print to your holiday decor or making an awesome gallery wall, please do yourself a favor and visit Angela’s Etsy shop for great prints!  PaperLoveSong


2015-11-15 19.20.002015-11-15 19.20.132015-11-15 19.20.472015-11-15 19.21.062015-11-15 19.23.172015-11-15 19.23.412015-11-15 19.24.19

Do more of what makes you happy…



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