Apple Picking

Apple picking season is upon us again and it’s the best season ever! I love fall, the weather, the colors, the food, the memories made with our family and friends. We have made our apple picking a yearly tradition. We get together with our best friends and family and all head out eat to my favorite place Harbes Farm and Orchard. Harbes farm goes all out with activities, live music, and delicious food with a great family friendly atmosphere. This year was no different, We did apple picking, got lost in the corn maze and went on a hay ride. Kids ran around and played till they fell asleep. If you are looking for a place to have some good old country fun head over to Harbes farm and Orchard or h\Harbes family farm.

2015-09-19 02.21.24

2015-09-19 01.50.51

2015-09-19 02.16.17

2015-09-19 04.14.37

2015-09-19 02.45.18

2015-09-19 02.46.06

2015-09-19 02.51.49

2015-09-19 01.53.19

2015-09-19 01.49.07

2015-09-19 02.24.12

2015-09-19 03.49.03

Harbes Family Farm:

At the end all that matters is LOVE and MEMORIES; so make sure you give it and make sure you make them


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