Labor day at the Cape

Finally getting around to post our Labor day roadtrip. We decided to spend the long weekend in one of my favorite places,Cape Cod. I visited Cape Cod 6 years ago and fell in love. As usual our trips are planned and packed with activities and fun. My husband says I really should be a travel agent because I research hard! LOL I make sure to plan activities were everyone has a good time. We have a time share which makes traveling with a family of 5 ideal.We can travel all over the world and all we would pay for would be air flight if traveling far.That cuts down money spending alot because we all know hotels cost a pretty penny. In my research of things to do in Cape Cod I came across an inflatable water park called CAPE COD INFLATABLE PARK  Once I saw this I knew We had the go and the kids would love it and boy was I right. We had a great time. We also did a pirate adventure excursion.  This is a must do if visiting the Cape ( they also have it in Florida) The kids had a great time. We also visited the Kennedy memorial, If you want to experience a gorgeous sunset they you need to visit Gray beach. Its breath taking and words can’t describe it , We also had amazing seafood and of course the best clam chowder know to man!! We had an amazing time and love making precious memories with my little party of 5. here are a few pictures of our trip.

2015-09-04 21.48.47

2015-09-04 21.51.25

2015-09-04 23.27.56

2015-09-05 00.19.33

2015-09-05 00.47.47

2015-09-05 02.06.01

2015-09-05 03.16.55

2015-09-05 03.29.34-2

2015-09-05 04.47.02

2015-09-05 04.48.02

2015-09-05 04.52.06

2015-09-05 05.11.05

2015-09-05 06.39.36

2015-09-05 06.54.09

2015-09-05 07.47.40

2015-09-05 21.38.16

2015-09-05 21.41.27

2015-09-06 00.17.24

2015-09-06 00.18.32

2015-09-06 06.21.50

2015-09-06 06.29.05

2015-09-06 06.38.01

2015-09-06 06.58.56

2015-09-06 07.01.09

We had a great time and can’t wait for the next adventure! Always feeling blessed and grateful for the life God has blessed me with. Here’s to more trips, more memories and more fun!

Places to visit:

Hope you enjoyed our trip!! If you have any questions about our trip you can contact me.


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