Soif de Vivre

{ Lust for Life} Where did the weekend go? Honestly the weekends and the summer is just flying by. We haven’t even been to the beach yet! but we have surely traveled. mini road trips almost every weekend and attending lots of parties and celebrations. Can’t complain. This past weekend wasn’t disappointing either. We headed to upstate new york to visit some friends and explore the beauty of the state we live in. I have recently experienced some health issues and situations and just wanted to enjoy life, summer, every moment God blesses me with. Here is a peek into our weekend!

2015-07-25 00.20.02

2015-07-25 03.24.18

2015-07-25 03.34.13

2015-07-25 03.42.55

2015-07-25 05.23.43

2015-07-25 05.24.26

2015-07-25 03.33.41

2015-07-25 03.30.00

2015-07-25 03.25.56

2015-07-25 05.32.02

If life is nothing than a passage. Let’s at least sow flowers along it



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Welcome! I'm Shirley a Mom & Wife. Who Emphasizes a life of passion through personal style, Travel. Decor & Life's simple pleasures.

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