Mason jar herb garden

I like to cook with fresh ingredients for my family. About 4 years ago we went completely organic at our home. all food and cleaning products we use are all natural and organic. My two little boys have eczema so our soaps and lotions are all natural organic and made handmade from a friend of mine that owns ” the little soap shop here in queens NY. she makes the best soaps, lotions, lip balm, etc…. I decided instead of being my mostly used herbs, i would just grow my own, the only little problem was that we live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard. I dedicated myself to do some research and look into growing my own herb garden all in the comforts of our own home. I did some reading and pinning on pinterest and realized how easy and do able it is to grow your own garden indoors. I knew I wanted to grow a cute “Mason jar” garden, so to the store I went to gather my seeds, mason jars, soil,and anything else I may need.

What you will need:

Soil ( I went with organic soil)

Jars or pots (whatever you may want to use)


2015-04-23 03.38.00

2015-04-23 03.38.14

2015-04-23 03.37.31


Step 1:

Fill jars with soil almost to the top, leaving space for the seeds and to add more soil to cover them

2015-04-23 03.47.04

2015-04-23 03.50.04



Add your seeds  and then add a little more soil just to cover the seeds

2015-04-23 03.51.20



Add a sign to your jars so you can locate your herbs.

2015-04-23 03.53.55

Here is our cute little herb garden. I decided to grow cilantro, basil, & parsley because most of my recipes require those herbs and lets be real they smell delicious. I decided on the Lavender because I use it for teas, and to add to essential oils I use on the children when they are sick. I am so excited to see these babies grow and be able to use them in my recipes.

2015-04-23 04.02.16

Ready for some sun light on our window sill.

2015-04-23 04.02.45



Mason jars

wood box

chalk board signs



He who plants a garden plants happiness


Shirley Marie






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