Cradel of Aviation Museum

Happy Monday! Back to the grind today after an amazing weekend with my little party of 5. On Saturday we took the kiddos to the Aviation Museum in Garden City Long Island. It was our first time going but I always heard it was a must see. I love history and learning about events that took place right in our backyards. The Kids were astonished with the amount of history that took place in places they have visited. I love seeing their eyes glitter with excitement .  (FACT) Did you know that “Over the last century, many important events in aerospace history have occurred on Long Island. First drawn here by the wide-open plains in central Nassau County, aviators soon made the Island their home. Long Island has helped transform aviation from a dangerous sport to a viable means of commercial transportation. It has also produced a large portion of the nation’s aerial arsenal in time of war. The many record-setting and historic flights that transpired here, and the many aviation companies that developed here made aviation the integral part of our world that it is today” If you are from Long Island NY, or just love history this museum is a must see. Here are a few pictures from our trip! Enjoy!


Info: Open Tuesday Through Sunday, 9:30-5:00
Open Mondays that fall on holidays and school breaks

The Museum also has a planetarium ( we didn’t go in, but will try it next time)

Admission: Adults-14  Children-12


Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.


Shirley Marie


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