Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving has come and went but we sure did have a great time. The only major difference this year was that my oldest kiddies where going to spend thanksgiving with their father. I knew I would feel empty without them that day but I decided that hosting “thanksgiving” the night before for us would make me and them feel happy. So that was the plan! I would host a family thanksgiving on Wednesday and have my mother and mother in law also attend, so the kids felt the presence of all family being around. It was great to plan the dishes I was gonna make and get the apartment all ready for this great night.

The menu
I ended up making a ham. Some thyme garlic mashed potatoes, a pineapple casserole, brussel sprouts with walnuts and raisins. For dessert I ordered a delicious coconut flan, my mother bought a pumpkin pie and some cookies.. It was a perfect night and great to share it all with my family.

Here are some pictures from our “Wednesday” thanksgiving. Enjoy!











On Thursday we headed out to celebrate with my more family and friends. We had a great time and I got to style my new vest from eshakti! Loved it.. Feeling beyond grateful for my opportunities and love and support.





Gratitude turns what you have into enough

Blissfully Yours



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