What Shirley wore:

Hi dolls! Happy Friday… I’ve been MIA on outfit posts lately, lots going on and my health hasn’t been the best either… First I had a stomach bug and lately I’ve been dealing with a muscle spasm on my neck, finally got some muscle relaxers and that should do the trick.. While out and about today I noticed now beautiful the fall colors looked and had to stop and take a few pics of my super comfy, doctor appropriate yet chic outfit. I was even flattered that someone stopped me and told me they loved my outfit. I find it real funny that people love my outfits on my down days and when I’m not feeling my best… I guess goes to show even when I’m sick, I’m always on top of my style game 😊…





Hat: gift from hubby
Coat: gap
Sunglasses: tjmaxx
Booties: tjmaxx

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Blissfully yours


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Welcome! I'm Shirley a Mom & Wife. Who Emphasizes a life of passion through personal style, Travel. Decor & Life's simple pleasures.

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