Basement Playroom

Design is a private, intimate process and you have to embrace the many twists and turns it takes to create an exciting, inspiring, but ultimately liveable space…


Our last design project is finally done! Time for a much needed summer break… well maybe not so much of a break since we have lots to do in “the new house”! we are still in the process of moving plus we are leaving to Disney World at the end July for a week vacation.  The “Luna” basement playroom is finally done and ready for some great play dates! Simplebliss Designs had the honor to be hired again by the Luna family to help with the renovation of their basement ( we also did the baby nursery, master bedroom, and other little fixes around their home). What once was a basement apartment got turned into a great playroom for their little girl. mommy Luna had a vision for what she wanted for princess Kyra and we were able to help execute it, here are a few photos of the space.


My amazing handy husband was able to make a rock wall out of wood planks. He simply drilled holes on the plank and then added the climbing rocks to each hole.. {you can add as many rocks as you want, and make patterns for the kids to climb}


Here is the side of the room with the rock wall…




The other side of the room is where little lady those some pretend cooking. The shelves and cubby on the TV stand make for great toy storage.



I love this space and happy princess Kyra will have fun place to learn, play, and grow♥ We can’t wait for our play date invite

Sea saw
Little table and chairs
Doggy hooks
All from

Rocks for rockwall
Play kitchen
All from

Number rug:
Bean bag:
Small pink rug: Bellini (Manhasset)


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