Simple Easter baskets

Hi loves good morning & a very happy Easter to you all. I’m doing a very early fast easter post before heading out to church. Kiddies are still asleep so I can show you this year’s Easter baskets. Now I normally do candy and chocolates but this year I went completely different, I didn’t even use baskets! 🙂 I headed over to target a couple weeks ago and stocked up on the dollars section. I got my kids things they like, and that represented their personality. Now target didn’t have any baskets but I did find super cute buckets (perfect because they can use it during the summer) I’m really excited to show you guys what I did, really simple, easy, and didn’t brake the bank. Here goes,
First is my daughter’s “basket” I wanted hers to be different from the boys so I went with a real cute watering can.


And inside I added super cute girly things she likes. (The lint roller we added as a joke because she always takes mine)


Next “bucket” is David’s our 8yr old. We loaded his basket with a yoyo, socks, silly string, pencils, etc.



Next “bucket” is Mason’s our 3yr old. To his bucket we added age appropriate things like coloring book, crayons, socks, alphabet game, word game, etc.



I really like how they turned out. Im all about simple, and cute and I think I managed to do that. I think the kids will love their ” baskets”


Happy Easter!!
“Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring time.”


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