Brussel sprouts

Wanna know how I got my kids to eat Brussel sprouts?  It was easy, thanks to my lovely friend Patty that shared the recipe. A couple of months back my girl friend Patricia had me over for a girls brunch. At her table she had a delicious spread of French toast, scrambled eggs, bread, mimosas and a Brussel sprout dish. I have to be honest I was never a huge fan of Brussel sprouts but this looked delicious, one bite and I was hooked. I asked patty for the recipe and made it for my family. Hubby loved it and kids surprisingly loved it as well. Now this recipe is a staple dish at our home.

Cheesy Brussel sprouts

What you need
Brussel sprouts
Canadian ham
Grated parmesan cheese

Start by cutting the Brussels sprouts in half (this allows them to absorb more flavor)


Place a little olive oil on a pan and toss in the sprouts.


While brussel sprouts at cooking cut up your Canadian ham. I got my ham from Trader Joe’s.



Check on your sprouts and make sure not to burn them, just let them get a little golden. Sprinkle them with parmesan cheese (as much as you like)


Lower your heat, toss a round a bit and add your ham.


Toss a bit more and voila! Done fast, easy and delicious side dish.. you could enjoy with breakfast, brunch or even a dinner side dish. My kiddies can get enough ♥




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