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I did a post not to long ago on my all natural lifestyle. I try my best to stay natural and organic as much as possible with my home, myself and specially my children. Recently I had the pleasure of coming across  “Choose your Bliss” on instagram. I am always on the look out for all natural products. I contacted “Choose your Bliss” and got a lovely reply from Jason the companies owner. I was super excited to speak to him about me trying out his products. “Choose your Bliss” is a brand new company, they have 4 candle scents and 5 body bars. But before I heard anything about the products I wanted to test them out myself. I’ve used a lot of different soaps and natural candles and know a good one when I see it. I told Jason I was looking for a natural bar that would help my two boys with their eczema(major problem finding something that helps them without so much chemicals). Jason explained to me that his soaps would be wonderful for that and would send a sample right over. A couple of weeks later my box came and in it came The Eucalyptus body bar, the Baby Bar and the Bliss soy candle. Can I just tell you when the box was delivered and left at my front door, I could smell the items inside the box ( that made me super happy)

A little background on Choose your Bliss:

They use the finest quality soy wax and lavish fragrant oils, All Their candles are made from 100% pure soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. No lead-based wicks or paraffin wax. Choose Your Bliss candles are made from all natural artisan soybeans and cedar wooden wicks; which are renewable resources unlike paraffin wax candles which contains petroleum (

I asked Jason for a little background about the company, himself and his objective for starting this company his reply:

” My Fiance, Alesha and I started the company about 2 months ago. We wanted to go into business together. Choose your Bliss is all about enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Our vision is to provide customers the luxury of creating the ultimate aroma experience through our candles and also benefiting from the healing properties of our natural bath products. it’s a passion we both embody”.

Alesha is a full time marketing proposal specialist and Jason is an experience designer for a medical device and software company. Their goal is to grow their brand to the point where they can go at it fulltime. ” working together as a team is something we are both passionate about”. outside of business these two love birds enjoy to travel, love sports, and enjoy a tight spiritual connection, which is the glue for everything they do.

My Experience:

 </pI have yet to light the candle because it actually smells so strong without being lit. I have the candle on top of a shelf as you walk into our apartment, and my whole apartment smells delicious! I dont know how they do it, but the smell is so strong and I'm obsessed with it.. (plus its a perfect Bliss scent)

Baby Body Bar: I’ve used it on my boys to help with their eczema and in a weeks time I have seen less itching and less scratching. Honestly even Aveeno eczema cream left them dry and itchy. I’m so happy with this product and happy that my children have the moisture they needed. It smells exactly like a baby, it’s delicious.

Eucalyptus Body Bar:
I actually got the chance to use this bar today. My little one has been sick for two days now and I read that the scent of eucalyptus helps with colds, open up congestion and its an anti inflammatory.

I put my three year old in the bath closed the door and rubbed him down with the bar. The entire bathroom smelled like eucalyptus I even took off a little piece of the bar and put it in the water, so the water got its vapors as well. Honestly guys he didnt have a fever all day and his nose got runny meaning the cold was breaking down. I am so happy and proud to share these products with you guys. Please check out and try it out for yourself. These products are mommy approved! And I can’t wait to get my hands on more scents and body bars. I want to thank Jason and Alesha for allowing me and my family to try out their amazing products. You guys are on your way to greatness and I will be your biggest supporter.

“We believe life is meaningful and is full and wonderful as you choose to create it”



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