Lavender Bliss

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Good morning & happy Saturday! I think i’ve said it before, but I am a health nut and only put in or on my body organic, or all natural ingredients. I’ve been practicing this for over 5yrs. When I was pregnant with my little one (who is now 3) I really got more serious about products in my home. I stopped using microwaves, I use homemade cleaning products or all natural. When my baby was born we used bio degradable diapers and cloth diapers, earth friendly baby wipes etc.. we only have one planet earth we might as well take care of it. I love living this way, I have a friend that owns her own soap shop.  She makes all natural soaps, candles, lotions, lip balm, shaving creams, etc. That’s what we have been using in our home for about 4yrs now, and let me tell you what a difference it has made on our body. Recently I started making my own natural products from things in my kitchen like face masks, and hair treatments.
Yesterday my daughter and I made, homemade body scrubs! We went to our local organic market and got a few ingredients we needed to start our project. Here’s what we did.

Lavender body scrub
Sugar-( I got the organic sugar but you can use regular sugar)
Olive oil- any oil you have at home
Lavender essential oil
Peppermint essential oil


The coconut oil, & sea salt is for another scrub (i will post that tutorial soon)
We also went to Michael’s and got ourselves some cute little jars, string, labels and decorative tape for decoration.


First step:
Decorate your jars ( use whatever you want get creative, this is the fun part)
I did a simple decorate tape around the lid and then hung the label with some string. Simple and cute♥




Second step:
In a bowl mix
3 cups sugar
1 cup of oil
Mix together real well


Third  step:
Divide the sugar mix into your jars
Be generous with your essential oils
(I added about 10 drops of lavender oil into each jar, and about 2 drops of peppermint oil)



Cover them tightly and Voila! You have yourself some cute homemade all natural body scrubs!
How cute are these  to give as gifts to friends, family, teachers. Also great as party favors!



I’m so happy with how these turned out!! What do you guys think? I think I see a new business venture for me! 🙂

“Happiness is homemade”



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