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Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all having a great and blessed week. Today I wanted to share a few of my favorites. I am all for simplicity in everything I do, and that includes my makeup and what I use. I have very sensitive skin and have finally found the makeup brands that don’t irritate my skin. When I was younger and experimenting with makeup, I always broke out in rashes and eventually didn’t even wear it. I didn’t start wearing makeup completely till a couple of years ago.

For keeping my face clean and clear I ONLY use Clinique’s 3 step cleaning system. I’ve been using it for years and keeps my face looking clean and moisturized. They have a different “number” depending on your type of skin.  Im a number 2 for combination skin


My go to foundation that I love love love and looks natural not heavy at all is HD makeup forever foundation. Its the best ever! No more to say its just perfection for coverage. I have a red birthmark  in between my eyes and no one has ever seen it! 🙂


For lip my favorite is the chunky lip pencils from Clinique (for a cheaper version I love the chunky lip pencils from forever 21 as well) they last all day long and great colors! For my cheeks I use Nars “orgasm” blush its perfect for everyday.



And the one thing I can’t live without even on my makeup free days is my mascara. Nars volumizing mascara is the best!


This is all I use, nothing else. My simple makeup routine. But If im going out for the night I just add eye shadow or an eye liner..
What are your favorite make up brands? Or make up style?



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