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Today I’m introducing a new topic, Food! Who doesn’t love to eat and eat good and healthy?!?.. I am not much for the kitchen, but I’m a recipe expert :). I have always been more of a clean the house, decorate type of person. Cooking is not my forte. Most of my recipes have been passed down to me by my mother or ex mother in law. I have them all written down and in a safe place. But a couple years back I went completely all natural and organic. I try to incorporate as much natural veggies and natural herbs as possible. My children love all the organic meals I make and are veggie lovers! Im so happy for that. All we use in our home is organic and natural.
Chef Alan is my husband’s cousin, and he can get down in the kitchen! Every picture he posts on instagram makes my mouth water, I recently approached him to see if he wouldn’t mind sharing some recipes with me since he also eats clean and natural. He agreed and I’m so grateful. Here’s a little background on chef Alan.



Alan is 33 yrs old born and raised in Queens NY his parents are from Peru & Chile. He plays baseball in his spare time (same team with my hubby) and loves to collect sneakers aka “sneaker head”. He described to me that he became a cook for the pleasure of creating something visually appealing and at the same time equally delicious, he states that the best part is when clients compliment his food. Alan started working in the kitchen back in his high school days at the age of 17. This Spring it will make 17 yrs that he’s been in this field. He currently works in corporate dining for Restaurant Associates which is part of compass group. I asked him where does he see himself in 5 yrs and he said ” as far as ny career I honestly can’t say, the sky is the limit especially in my company”.
I personally have had the pleasure of knowing Alan for many years now and can say that not only is his food delicious his heart is equally the same, great guy, super funny, and super caring. Everyone welcome Chef Alan!
The first recipe of the week is a super easy chicken recipe. Click on the Recipe tab on the top of the page and get cooking!

“Cookery is not chemistry it is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements”



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