Attic Bedroom Inspirations

Hi Loves,

Happy Tuesday hope you are all well. Today I decided to share my ideas for my daughter’s new bedroom. First of she is so excited and probably the one that can’t wait to move the most. She has been sharing a bedroom with her brother’s and lets just say it’s a struggle. She just turned 12 and definitely needs and wants her space. I mean she’s almost a teen! ( wow time truly flies) In the new home her bedroom will be located in the “attic”. Our new home is a Cape, so it’s pretty much one floor level with an attic( more like a second floor) up their are two rooms. One will be her bedroom and the other I’m thinking of an office for me( that will be another post) The rooms upstairs have paneling walls, and instead of removing them I will be painted all the panels white.( I really like that look & style) ohh yea and my daughter is asking for a polka dot wall somewhere in the room. I’m excited to create this place of peace for her. Here are some ideas I’ve pinned on pinterest.

This is actually the exact style of the room even the paneling
The bed In this room Is the bed she has and perfect for the attic
Let’s not forget the Polka dot wall (this one is really cute)

Little by little all is coming together, can’t wait to share the actually projects!

” a home is made of love and dreams”

Live & Let Live


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