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Happy Wednesday! Hope you all had a great day. today I’m writing about picture ledges. a friend of mine recently asked me to help her with a gallery wall, the only problem is she rents and didn’t want to make too many holes on the wall plus she’s on a budget. I told her a great way would be to add a picture ledge, You can get as many was you want and add as many pictures or art work, or even canvas prints on the ledge. The only holes would be the ones from the ledge which would only be 3 or 4, that’s way better than a whole lot of frames on the wall. I found a perfect picture ledge in ikea for her for only only $9.99! the price is perfect for creating a wonderful picture wall and not braking the bank or your walls. Ikea also has frames at great prices for someone on a budget, homegoods and even Tjmaxx are great places for purchasing pretty frames at great prices. Those are my go to places.

Here is the RIBBA Ikea picture ledge:
Here are some Gallery wall ideas I found on pinterest:

I love this idea and super easy to switch around the pictures and even display art work.

“Good Photography speaks through silence”

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