Black and White Shared Boys room

Hi Loves,

I’m home again today with a super sick little 3yr old. Cuddles & cuddles all morning. love my quality time with my babies. As he plays now I get a little time to work. If you guys have followed or read my blog, I wrote a post on us moving this summer. We were supposed to be moving this month but this brutal winter is making it impossible, plus I rather wait till summer because I want to do a couple of garage sales and I definitely need the warm weather for that. So for now I just decorate rooms in my head and on Pinterest. The one room I know how I want exactly is the boys shared bedroom. The bedroom for them is actually quite small, so I know I want it simple, crisp and airy. I’ve decided to go with a simple black and white theme. here are a few pictures I’ve pinned on Pinterest.


This bunk bed is from Ikea, I already went to see it the only thing it that it’s plain ol’ wood color. I will definitely be painting it white just like this. What I love most about this bed is that it’s the perfect height for my 8 and 3yr old. the baby can be on the bottom and I wont be afraid of him falling and my 8yr old can be safe on top as well. ( he’s a little afraid of the top bunk)


Since the room will be painted crisp white, I will order these wall decals from Urbanwalls ( I love their stuff and these “plus signs” adds perfect balance with the white walls.


I also like this idea. maybe bottom half could be chalkboard? But I do love the shelves on the walls. Like i said before it’s a small room, i want to give the boys the most floor space i can.


I love the skull theme with the black and white. Plus that rug!

I think this space is going to come out amazing and the boys will share a lot of time playing and making memories with each other.

” How is it possible that out of all the little boys in the whole world…. we got the best ones?”

Live & let Live



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